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A Halloween First

by dee on October 28, 2010

Would you believe that in the five years that I’ve had children, we’ve never carved a pumpkin?  I think maybe it was the idea of big knives and tiny little fingers that didn’t sit too well with me.  We usually buy pumpkins, but have painted, drawn with markers, and plastered them with Halloween stickers in […]

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The Difference Two Years Makes

by dee on November 5, 2009

Halloween 2007 Halloween 2009 Ryan wore Zach’s Buzz Lightyear costume from 2 years ago.  Zach, unfortunately, could not wear Ryan’s Woody costume! (We did steal the belt and sheriff star badge though.)  You would never guess that Zach is actually 6 months younger than Ryan. And now I promise I’ll stop posting Halloween pictures. Well, […]

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A Very Happy Halloween

by dee on November 3, 2009

Halloween weekend was fun, but so busy that I still feel like I’m behind.  We spent Friday night with my Dad and his wife, then Saturday we headed up to my sister’s house and pretty much spent the rest of the weekend there. The kids got to Trick or Treat with their cousins through my […]

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So, not that I necessarily need to state the obvious, but I’m not participating in NaBloPoMo this year. I considered it, but I just simply can’t post every day. Heck, I’m lucky to post once a week here lately. I’ll try my hardest to keep up with all of you who are participating, but from […]

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Halloween Photo Shoot

by dee on October 31, 2008

My photography skills still need a bit of work, but these kids are absolutely adorable!

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