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Bullying in Kindergarten

by dee on September 15, 2010

One month in the public school system and I’m ready to bring my babies home, lock the doors for good, and home school them until they’re 25.  Please note that it has nothing to do with the teaching.  I do believe that my son has an excellent teacher, probably the best that I could ask […]

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Soccer Was A Big Win

by dee on September 14, 2010

It may be an inconvenience to my schedule, but it is absolutely worth it to see the big smiles on my boy. So what if dinner was at 7:30 last night?  He loves soccer. His little sister also loves soccer now and would like to “play soccer practice too.” Practice again on Thursday.  His very […]

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Boiling Point

by dee on March 1, 2010

My mind races with things that need to be released.  I write post after post in my head, yet lack the time to sit and type them out.  My life, it is chaotic.  As I whine and complain about how busy and crazy things always are, I also know that this is the life I […]

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Who Needs Sleep?

by dee on January 21, 2010

One of the dangers of being the Mom of this household is that I rarely get a moment to myself.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  I get about 15 minutes to myself to shower in the mornings as long as the kids don’t wake up early.  Plus, if I time it just right, I can […]

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22 Months

by dee on January 20, 2010

Dear Evie, Oh my little monkey, here you are at 22 months old and already I’m seeing visions of your pre-teen years.  You’ve always had a little sass to you, but recently the sassiness has escalated to levels I was not prepared for.  Rest assured, I am not the only one that has noticed this.  […]

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