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by dee on October 6, 2010

Sometimes, that beautifully planned out life that you dreamed about and worked so hard to create just isn’t what you thought it would be or what you planned for it to be. Sometimes, even when there is so much good in your life, it is hard to not let the bad stuff leak in and […]

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Bullying in Kindergarten

by dee on September 15, 2010

One month in the public school system and I’m ready to bring my babies home, lock the doors for good, and home school them until they’re 25.  Please note that it has nothing to do with the teaching.  I do believe that my son has an excellent teacher, probably the best that I could ask […]

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I Think This Is The New Normal

by dee on September 10, 2010

I’ve been trying to put more effort into writing here lately, but this week sort of slipped away from me.  After getting back from our awesome weekend at the lake, we had to jump right back in to real life.  Real life isn’t nearly as much fun. On top of raging allergies (for 3 of […]

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First Day of Kindergarten

by dee on August 12, 2010

I sent my boy off to kindergarten this morning. I thought I would break down and cry when I dropped him off, but I didn’t. I think mostly I made it through because he had such a good attitude about it. Before I tucked him in bed last night we set out his new school […]

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School Days

by dee on September 9, 2009

This is the first year that I’ve had to deal with the whole “Back to School” craze.  Though he’s not officially in school yet, we did decide to put Zach in preschool this year.  Since he’s been at a home daycare for the last year or so, he needed a few supplies.  He already had […]

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