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by dee on October 26, 2010

Apparently, this is what I get when I pick the kids up and surprise them with a quick trip to the park: (I don’t know why his teeth and lips are blue! He came home from school like that.) I also have realized that I’m getting much more comfortable shooting my camera in manual mode.  […]

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Just Keep Swimming

by dee on October 18, 2010

I’m not sure why I always seem to think that things will calm down in the Fall, because the opposite seems to happen instead. Between school activities, soccer practice and games, church activities, the usual errand running, and visiting with family we just keep going and going and going. Weekends are packed so full that […]

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I Need A Weekend To Recover From My Weekend

by dee on October 11, 2010

Well, that last post was a bit of a downer, eh?  I really didn’t intend for it to be all “woe is me” but I guess that is what ended up coming out.  Life can’t always be happy, I suppose. Things really aren’t that bad.  I’m happy that we’re finally figuring some things out with […]

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First Day of Kindergarten

by dee on August 12, 2010

I sent my boy off to kindergarten this morning. I thought I would break down and cry when I dropped him off, but I didn’t. I think mostly I made it through because he had such a good attitude about it. Before I tucked him in bed last night we set out his new school […]

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Saturday Night

by dee on July 24, 2010

Cookies… Wii… and Markers… …on a stormy Saturday night.

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